3 Solutions for a Damaged Metal Roof
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3 Solutions for a Damaged Metal Roof

When you purchased your home, you made an investment, and part of keeping that investment strong means taking the best care of it as you can. But if you are dealing with damage to your metal roof, you might be wondering what your options are to address it.

There are three main ways that your roof issues can be resolved with a metal roofing contractor in Minnesota, so here is more information to help give you the proper knowledge to decide what is appropriate for your situation.

A Good Starting Option: Silicone Coating

If you live in an area where metal roofs are a popular choice, you may have seen some issues like exposed roof parts. This becomes problematic because it can lead to possible leaks inside the building if the issues are not addressed.

Applying a silicone coating not only helps create a waterproof environment to protect the integrity of your internal home system, but it also offers UV protection and is highly flexible. Just one silicone coating can add up to 20 years to the material's life, which means less time spent on repairs and more money in your pocket.

The Better Choice: Covering

The next option available is having a metal overlay applied to the coverage you already have on the roof. This is one of the more convenient options because it does not require any removal of old material from the area. And because of the process that's used, you don't have to worry about the internal portion of your home being exposed and possibly receiving damage during the process. In addition, because this is new roof material and applied in the same way as a new roof installation, it will last between 20 and 40 years meaning less worry about replacements.

The Best Choice: Total Replacement

The final option that can be highly beneficial is to apply a new metal roofing system. This is done by removing the old roofing material and replacing it with an updated exposed fastener metal roofing system.

Choosing this option can offer the most peace of mind because the roof can last up to 75 years and requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials. A new roof installation also means fewer replacements and repairs while you own your home, equaling more money in your pocket down the road.

The Metal Roof Company: Professional & Trusted

It can be complicated to know the right choices for your roofing system, so you want to work with a company that understands the logistics of getting the job done right from start to finish. The metal roof company is locally owned and has been in business since 2011, specializing in services ranging from ice dam prevention to metal shingle roofing, and would love to help you with your next project.

We offer honest services and five-star results, so contact us today or give us a call at 952-295-4986.

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