Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Metal Roof
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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Metal Roof

Spring is a great season because it not only means warmer weather and longer days, but it allows more time outdoors to do the things you enjoy. While it's essential to keep up and all areas of your home, your metal roof will need some attention too.

It is vital to keep up on regular maintenance, so as spring gets closer, here are some crucial steps to take for metal roof maintenance.

Choose Supplies Correctly & Clean With Care

The primary way to keep your roof in the best condition possible is to stay on top of keeping it clean, and while this might feel like an easy task, there are specific things to keep in mind to do a professional job.

In some cases, all that may be needed is a simple hose or pressure sprayer with water to get the job done, but if there is build-up, you will want to be aware of the kind of products to use for cleaning. You want to avoid detergents or soaps and always use eye and body protection when using any cleaning agents.

In addition to this, if you are dealing with an area that is rusted, you may have to use a non-abrasive pad and some vinegar mixed with water to remove it, then apply paint or sealant to help stop the growth. It is recommended to check with a roofing contractor in Minnesota to ensure you have the correct information in either situation.

Check the Gutters

Another recommendation for spring upkeep is to always inspect the gutters. Because they help drain water away from the home, they may be prone to collecting things like branches and leaves and need to be free of the build-up to work effectively.

Keep the Area Free of Trees

In most cases, individuals have trees in their yard because they offer multiple benefits for a home, but the last thing you need are branches to rub against the roof or house. They can not only cause issues with damage to the home but create a build-up in the gutters, so you want to be sure to trim them back and ensure they are clear of the residence.

Do an Attic Inspection

The last thing that can be beneficial to check is looking for any moisture signs, such as mildew, stains, or mold in your attic.

You might also find a musty or damp smell which can mean there might be a leak, so we recommend contacting someone who has experience in metal roofing services to address any possible issues.

From Start to Finish, The Metal Roof Company Provides Dependable Services

Keeping up on roof maintenance through the year doesn't have to be a complicated process, and if you are finding that you have repairs or issues that need to be resolved, we are here to help. The Metal Roof Company is a locally owned and trusted source in the Minnesota area, and we specialize in multiple services, including installing a metal roof snow guard or metal shingle roofing with precision and care.

We are ready to help ensure that your roof is in the best condition possible, so contact us or give us a call at 952-295-4986 today.

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