How Does a Metal Roof Perform in the Summer?
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How Does a Metal Roof Perform in the Summer?

If you are considering getting a metal roof installation in Minnesota, you might be wondering how the material is going to react during the summer months. This is an excellent question because, without durable material, it can affect multiple aspects of your home, including your monthly utility bill.

We want you to have all the facts, so we have taken the time to answer this question in this article. Let’s dive in!

How Do Metal Roofs Perform in the Summer?

This might be surprising, but metal can act as an insulator, and it will naturally reflect the UV radiation from the sun.

This means that your home is going to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer due to the reflective properties which help in the reduction of needing to run your HVAC system.

Finish Types Will Affect Performance

One thing that needs to be considered if you are thinking about contacting a metal roofing contractor is the construction of the roof and the covering material used in its design.

These can both affect the performance, and a few things you will have to look at are finish options, colors, and UV exposure.

Finish Options

Because the metal is being exposed to the sun, it will heat up, but the variable is based on the type of finish.

There are reflective technologies that can reduce up to 70% of the sun's energy which can help keep the roof cooler and lower your monthly utility bill.


The color choice will also affect how much heat the metal will absorb. The fact is still the same is that the darker the color, the more heat will be taken on by the metal.

Choosing a lighter color will make a difference because it will reduce the number of UV rays absorbed into the material.

UV Exposure

Another consideration is the thickness of the material. So, if you choose a heavier material with more mass, it will take longer to cool down after it has been exposed to the sun, which means an extended period of heat retention.

Another benefit of metal is that it is lighter than any other product on the market, which will help reduce and prevent heat transference into your home.

Get Professional Services From The Metal Roof Company

If you are looking for durability and a long-term investment that will raise your property value, a metal roof is the right choice for your home. And if you need local professionals that offer five-star results for our clients in services ranging from stone coated steel roofing to metal roof snow guard installation, The Metal Roof Company is your locally trusted resource.

We provide the highest quality services and the most experienced metal roofing contractors in Minnesota, so message us online or give us a call at 218-304-7506 today.

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