Benefits of Adding Silicone Coating to Your Old Metal Roof
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Benefits of Adding Silicone Coating to Your Old Metal Roof

Keeping the integrity of your roof is a priority and can help prevent needing metal roofing services. The roof takes a unique number of environmental pressures daily. The surface protects from wind, snow, hail, and UV rays that can cause damage to the interior of the home. One way to enhance this protection is through professional silicone roof coatings, and here is how they are beneficial.

What is a Silicone Roof Coating System?

The roof coating system is a single layer of silicone spread or sprayed onto the material and can help fill in any issues like seams, cracks, or blisters. It will not improve any aspects of the current system but will add an extra layer of protection from external elements.

What Benefits do They Offer?

More Savings in Your Pocket

One of the main reasons why a silicone roof coating system is beneficial is because it doesn't require removing the already existing roof in place. The average price of the installation is less expensive than doing a complete replacement of a traditional roofing system.

Longevity for Your Roof

The silicone coating system can also help add longevity to the surface because it prevents erosion from elements that would normally reach the metal. Metal roof coatings like silicone are designed to enhance the roof to stand up to almost any type of element.

More Energy Efficiency

The other benefit that it adds is that because the silicone is reflective, it helps reduce the number of sun rays that would typically enter your home. The reduction can be by up to 35% in the warmer months, which means less use of your air conditioner and more money in your pocket each month.

Easy Application

One of the biggest issues that can arise with roofing work is that it can interfere with your day-to-day life, so you want the job to get done as fast as possible. Opting to have a silicone coating applied can reduce the amount of time that workers will be doing the installation by up to 30% because there is no teardown and replacement involved.

Extended Warranties

One of the last benefits worth mentioning is that a silicone roofing system will typically come with warranties from 10 to 20 years. Unless there are significant issues such as third-party interference, changes to the structure, or considerable weather experiences like tornadoes, the material is usually fully covered.

Trusted and Streamlined Services 

Choosing a silicone coating can make the difference between doing a complete replacement or finding an alternative to help you save some additional money. If you are looking for residential or commercial metal roofing, The Metal Roofing Company is your local professional. We specialize in metal roofing services, including metal roof snow guard installation with professional results.

We have been serving Minnesota since 2011 with trusted results, so contact us or give us a call at 218-304-7506 today.

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