Metal Roofing Options: 5 Things to Know About The Seam
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Metal Roofing Options: 5 Things to Know About The Seam

There are so many options for metal roofing in Minnesota that it can be tricky to know which one is right for your home. Standing Seam is just one option, and The Metal Roof Company wants you to have as much information as possible, so let’s explore why people love this product!

What is The Seam?

Choosing a durable roofing material is essential when you live in Minnesota weather. Finding a product that can hold up against the harsh conditions of winter is crucial, and The Seam's system can deliver. The material works well on low-sloping roofs and can be installed over open framing or on a solid deck. Installation is completed by using seamed metal panels made from galvanized steel with raised vertical ribs that are attached with concealed fasteners.

The Standing Seam roofing system offers multiple advantages, including:

  • Hidden fasteners
  • 30-year labor warranty
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • Light refraction through striation
  • 26/24 gauge metal
  • 16' panels
  • Low sloping options
  • Lightweight material

Enhanced Durability

Its design has two different thicknesses, including a 24 and 26 gauge resulting in a more durable material. They are fire resistant, hold up against UV rays, snow, rain, and wind, and can easily contact and expand, resulting in a product that can stand the test of time.

Easy Maintenance

The Seam also offers a lower maintenance option than other materials. This is because no external hardware like nails or washers breaks down over time, leaving just concealed fasteners protected from the elements. The recommended maintenance is low and can include regular damage inspections and periodic cleanings if necessary.


Standing seam roofing systems are also more energy efficient due to the PVDF paint applied in production. The paint is a natural reflector of UV rays, so the roof stays cooler and keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature, potentially resulting in lower energy bills.

Increased Property Value

The Seam also contributes to an enhanced property value. This is because metal roofing is so well designed that it can last up to 50 years or more without needing a replacement which means it will pay for itself over time.

Color Customization

Standing Seam roofing comes in 26 color variations which means there are multiple choices available to help match your home's aesthetic and keep your curb appeal looking brilliant.

Choose the Experts for Your New Roofing System

The Seam makes an exceptional choice for almost any home or business, and if you're looking for a professional metal roofing contractor, The Metal Roof Company is a trusted name. Our commitment as a company is to provide durable and beautiful metal roofing products while offering specializations, including ice dam prevention, that our clients can count on.

Our team of experts is here to offer you the highest level of customer service, so message us online or call us at 218-304-7506 today.

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