How to Choose a Metal Roof Color and Style
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How to Choose a Metal Roof Color and Style

With the seemingly endless options and hues to choose from, selecting a metal roof for your property is equally exciting as it is daunting. However, by taking the time to lay out your options and understand how each roofing style and color can affect your home’s curb appeal and security, you’ll be able to select the option that’s best for your needs with ease.

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing your metal roof.

Your Home’s Design

In order to choose the roofing style that fits your needs best, you’ll need to consider your home’s style and design.

  • Take a look at your home’s shape and stylistic elements.
  • Consider colors that match your home’s exterior and remember the effect the sun and time of day has on the paint’s hue.

In addition to the roof’s paint color, you’ll also need to choose a roof style that meets your aesthetic preferences. While some metal roofs can imitate a shingle or stone appearance, others can offer a sleek, seamless metal appearance. Depending on your selection, you can utilize your new roof to achieve a timeless, traditional look or a modern aesthetic.

Performance Preferences

In general, metal roofs are excellent for homeowners who want to achieve optimal energy efficiency, weather resistance, and a long roof lifespan. However, each roof’s style and design can help you achieve a specific performance quality.

For example, if you’re looking for a metal roof with a secure fastener system and tight seal, you’ll want to consider The Seam roofing system. Alternatively, if you prefer a design with exposed fasteners and lighter gauge panels, you’ll want to opt for the The Screw roofing system.

Working with a team of trained and experienced roofing specialists can help you determine the best system for your performance requirements.

Customization Requirements

Finally, you’ll want to choose the metal roof that can be customized best with your aesthetic and performance requirements.

Consider the roofing style that will look beautiful on your roof’s unique shape and design. You’ll also want to choose a color that can be customized into the precise palette you need. Speak with your hired metal roofing contractor to establish the customized features you need your roof to possess.

Contact The Metal Roof Company for Professional Metal Roof Services

When you’re ready to add a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting metal roof onto your home, contact the roofing experts at The Metal Roof Company! We’re proud to provide homeowners in the Twin Cities and Duluth areas with professional metal roof installation and repair services.

Our specialists will sit down with you to help you determine the best roofing style and design for your specific needs. Get started with a free estimate and give us a call today at 763-634-1277.

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