The Benefits of a Snow Bar for Your Metal Roof
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The Benefits of a Snow Bar for Your Metal Roof

Owning a home comes with multiple responsibilities, and when winter comes, one concern you might have if you live in Minnesota is snow accumulation on your roof.

As the snow begins to build up, it can become far too heavy for your roof, causing a dangerous situation if it decides to slide off. Snow guards can effectively reduce dangers, including avalanches of shedding snow, or work toward ice dam prevention.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a snow bar for your metal roof!

Snow Guards 101

The truth is that snow is powerful, and it can create a ton of damage when it decides to come down.

Because snow falling off can cause many problems, including injury, having metal snow guard installation will help reduce these risks by retaining snow on your roof.

Installing a snow guard helps create a more even weight distribution of the ice or snow, preventing damage to the roof's structure.

Types of Snow Bars

We sell two types of snow bar. First, a fabricated snow bar which we make with the metal that matches your roof but screws through your roof. This is a great system for people who already have an exposed fastener roof like a pole barn or met tile system.

The second system is geared more towards those that have a standing seam or hidden fastener system. These clamps are known as S5 clamping snow bars and they attach to the seam of the panels and do not penetrate the roof. The benefit of this system is that the roof is not penetrated which prevents the risk of future spots for leaks.

Other Considerations for Your Metal Roof Snow Bar

Because snow can come off of metal roofs easier due to their smooth surface, installing a snow bar is essential. In this situation where your roof accumulates a snowpack and decides to fall suddenly, it can result in injury and damage to your home and property. We recommend a snow bar be inserted over every entrance/exit of a home where snow could slide off and injure someone.

In addition, snow bars may be essential to protect the gutters on your home. If the gutter is an open gutter, without a leaf guard or helmet, snow can tear off the gutter when it finally all slides off of the roof.

The Metal Roof Company Is Here to Help With a Snow Bar Install

As you can see, installing a snow bar for your metal roof can be a highly beneficial investment in your home and property. The Metal Roof Company specializes in metal roof installation and other services, including commercial metal roofing.

We've been in business since 2011 and take pride in offering our community the highest quality customer service for all our Minnesota clients!

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please give us a call at 763-634-1277 today.

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