Signs It's Time for Metal Roof Repair
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Signs It's Time for Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs have grown in popularity over the years due to multiple benefits from durability to overall savings by avoiding frequent replacement. While these are an excellent choice for any home or business, like all things, they will wear down over time and need to have metal roofing services periodically.

Here is a list of indicators so you know that repairs are required to help you keep your roof in excellent condition.


Part of making sure your roof's health is in excellent condition is regular inspections and looking for issues such as rust or degeneration that can happen if the paint system has chipped or scratched severely from trees falling on the roof or from roof raking the snow off. The roof should never be scratched extensively with other tools as this can take away the paint and galvalume substrate which prevents the roof from rusting. If either of these have worn down, your roof will be vulnerable to any elements.

Missing Pieces

If correctly installed, your metal roof should be able to withstand high winds. But there are some scenarios where the roof pieces can fly off during a storm. This can become problematic because any gaps can cause internal damage to the structure if rain is allowed to enter the home's interior walls.

Holes or Damage

Because the roof is an external part of the home, it will be vulnerable to projectiles or things that can land on it, and there are times when a puncture can occur. This damage may be more problematic to spot, so make sure you consult with a professional first.

Missing Sealant

The sealant is a vital part of keeping the roof's seams impenetrable, but it is only designed to last for up to around 20 years. This is another area that is important to be diligent in inspecting or having a professional make sure it is in the best condition possible. We install metal roofs to be dependent on metal flashing and not sealant or caulk as these products will not last as long as the metal. As a result the roof could leak even if your metal looks fine because the sealant has worn out.

The Paint Is Deteriorating

Depending on the warranty when you purchased your roof, some paints are only guaranteed to last up to 30 years. Since the paint is a primary part of keeping the roof in great condition, you want to watch out for things like chipping or thinning areas. All the roofs we install use the Kynar 500 paint system and are built to last for many years. The paint warranties alone can last up to 40 years with Kynar 500.


The Metal Roof Company: Quality Through Precision

With regular inspection and maintenance, these issues can all be addressed quickly, saving you time and money. The Metal Roof Company has been providing metal roofing services in Minnesota since 2011. We specialize in services ranging from stone-coated steel roofing to commercial metal roofing and would love to help you with your next project.

If you would like more information or schedule an appointment, contact us today or give us a call at 763- 634 1277.

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