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The Metal Roof Company provides high-quality metal roofing for commercial properties in Minnesota.

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Are you in need of a durable, reliable roofing system that will keep your property protected through all types of Minnesota weather conditions? From The Snap to The Screw, The Metal Roof Company installs high performing roofing for commercial buildings. If you have an existing metal roof that shows signs of age and wear, we also provide solutions to extend its lifespan, including silicone coating and metal overlays.

Our expert contractors will work with you to determine the best solution for your commercial building so you can keep your facility in lasting condition all year long. Get started on your roof installation and contact The Metal Roof Company online or by calling 218-304-7506.

Available Commercial Metal Roofing Solutions

From enhanced energy efficiency to longer lifespans, there are endless reasons why business owners choose metal roofs for their properties. At The Metal Roof Company, we’re proud to supply several top-quality metal roofing systems for commercial properties. Take a look at our available solutions to find an option that best fits your aesthetic, security, and performance preferences.

The Screw

The Screw is a popular choice among commercial property owners because of its durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. The Screw offers a unique aesthetic with its exposed fasteners. Each pane is constructed with Galvalume® steel substrate and a Kynar 500® (PVDF) based Fluropon paint system. This durable, long-lasting paint system is resistant to fading and chalk.

The Snap

If you prefer a metal roof with hidden fasteners, The Snap is the solution for you. There’s no need for clips with The Snap roofing system, as its eave edge folds over the drip edge for a tight seal and clean appearance. The Snap comes in a variety of Kynar 500® color options so you can find the hue that maximizes your building’s curb appeal.

The Seam 26/24

Versatile and extremely reliable, The Seam is an excellent choice for commercial building owners who value durability against all types of weather conditions. The Seam comes in two thicknesses based on your security preferences: 26 gauge or 24 gauge. Our contractors use additional sealant on low slope roofs to ensure this system is secure at all times. By hand-crimping each panel, The Seam is tight and ready to perform all year long.

The Shingle

If you want the performance benefits of a metal roof but don’t want to lose out on the classic appearance of a traditional roof, The Shingle is your answer. The Shingle can replicate wood shake or stone slate to meet your aesthetic needs. However, despite its timeless and beautiful appearance, The Shingle is still resistant to corrosion, oxidation, extreme weather conditions, and fire.

The Stone-Coated

The Stone-Coated roofing system offers highly dimensional stamping with its ability to look identical to shake, shingle, tile, or stone-coated metal roofing. It maintains high durability and strong performance while maximizing curb appeal. The Stone-Coated roofing system is constructed from a mixture of three different colored granules to replicate 26 gauge galvalume steel’s age and dimension.

Solutions to Repair a Damaged Metal Roof

Silicone Coating

The last thing you need is exposed elements of your roof which can create leaks. We specialize in a silicone coating system that helps seal cracks and add up to 20 years of life to your roof.

The metal roof coating is completed by cleaning and priming the area then adding the silicone system. This option is low cost and an alternative to the total replacement of the roof.

Covering (Metal Roof Overlay)

If you want to avoid roof replacement but silicone coating won’t do the trick, covering might be a better option. This gives you a brand new roof that's laid down on top of what you already have, which not only cuts out the need for labor spent on removal but keeps the interior protected through the process, meaning you can stay open during the installation.

A metal roof overlay can last between 20 and 40 years and will require some maintenance due to using exposed fasteners.

Full Replacement

If your best option is a complete roof replacement, we offer an exposed or hidden fastener choice with the metal installation. The standard longevity for a hidden fastener roof can last up to 75 years, which means less money and time spent on repairs or replacements.

These are just a few reasons why we are your number one choice for metal roof installation:

  • We do our fabrication, meaning less time spent on installation.
  • We also have a system for our standing seam panels rolled on-site for streamlined customization.
  • In addition to this, we can also install seam panels on low slope applications up to 0.5/12.

Contact The Metal Roof Company for Expert Commercial Roofing Solutions

At The Metal Roof Company, we strive to provide solutions for all of our customers’ commercial roofing needs. From installation to commercial metal roof repair, you can count on our team to help you keep your building secure and protected at all times. You’ll feel confident knowing your property is ready to withstand any Minnesota weather with a new metal roof installed by the experts at The Metal Roof Company. Start your service off with a free estimate and contact us today at 952-295-4986.